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WireframePro: New! Map View of Pages


Today's release is a gift for information architects :-) as now WireframePro provides a new way to visualize page structures called "Map View". This is in addition to the existing grid page view.

In Map view, Pages are organised like a visual sitemap with page thumbnails. The Map view can be zoomed, dragged and also exported to Image.

Note: An editable Map View is coming soon

WireframePro: 26 new components added to Bootstrap Pack


Bootstrap version 3 pack in WireframePro has been updated with 26 new components including alerts, new modals, data tables, tooltips, popover and lists.

WireframePro: New TreeList, BulletList comps and Special button category


MockFlow WireframePro - both web and desktop apps are updated with new Tree and Bullet List components. Also a new category called "Special Buttons" has been added which features buttons from popular services used around the web.

MockFlow StyleGuide now allows Real-Time Editing


MockFlow StyleGuide is now updated with Real-Time collaboration which allows simultaneous editing of StyleGuide by multiple designers at the same time and it provides Live Updates to Public StyleGuides as users view it.

Windows Desktop App for WireframePro


Following up the release of desktop app for Mac last week, we are happy to announce the availability of Windows Desktop App for WireframePro today. For more information and download visit

It supports Windows Vista / 7 / 8 and the latest Windows 10 OS both 32-bit and 64-bit.

WireframePro: Google Login for Desktop app and StepNav component


The recently released Mac Desktop app for WireframePro has been now updated to support Google Login like in web app. Note: Desktop App automatically updates in the background on reopen.

Also a new native wireframe component called 'Step Navigation' has been added to the component store.

New Stickers in AnnotatePro


StickerStore in AnnotatePro is updated with stickers for Halloween, Masks, Traffic Signs

Mac Desktop App for WireframePro


The MockFlow Team is pleased to announce the availability of our brand new Desktop App for WireframePro that supports the latest Editor. It is now available for Mac.

Wireframing with native Desktop App brings following benefits

  • It loads super-fast
  • Launch directly from Dock with no dependencies
  • Google Chrome like auto updates in background
  • Desktop Notifications
  • Native menus and Keyboard shortcuts

More features like Offline Sync! and Website Snapshot tool are coming soon

New App: MockFlow StyleGuide


We are super excited to release our brand new product to DesignCloud called MockFlow StyleGuide. Specify, share and update Design Guidelines for your products and brand in an effortless way with MockFlow StyleGuide.

StyleGuide helps to make specifications for your Design with fonts, colors, images, UI Elements etc. This helps designers and developers to collaborate on projects much easily by using StyleGuides as a reference.

Apple and Android Watch component sets in WireframePro


Checkout the new component sets for Apple Watch 3.0 and Android Wear 2.0 in WireframePro Editor. Apple Watch comes with 67 components and Android Wear with 35. Happy Wireframing :-) !

No published changelogs yet.

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