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StyleGuide: Now export StyleGuides to PDF


The latest release of MockFlow StyleGuide app provides a much asked feature: Export. Now StyleGuides can be exported to PDF using the browser's print option. On clicking the export button (Printer icon) in the top bar, the styleguide becomes automatically optimized for exporting with native print function.

Note: For the export option to work properly make sure, "Background graphics" is enabled in the print dialog

WireframePro: New "WorkFlows" to organize your design process


In addition to the existing Grid view and SiteMap view, WireframePro now has a new way to visually organize your wireframes with this "WorkFlow" feature.

With the "Workflow" view, wireframes can be easily organized into lists similar to Kanban (aka Trello) boards.

"Workflow" can be fully customized to meet project needs. For example, Workflow can be created for design stages like "Not Started", "In Progress","Completed","Implemented". Or as work assigned to designers like "User1's Wireframes" , "User2's Wireframes"...

Since the workflow feature is built-in the editor and is real-time, it helps to streamline your design process with Team Members, Clients and Managers.

Here is a sample Workflow:

Introducing "MockFlow for Education" License Packs


Now Introducing new license packs for students and universities with special rates. As frequently we are asked by teachers and students for discounted pricing, we have decided to provide dedicated packages and support to meet their needs.

Wireframing and user interface design are essential skills for any student aspiring to be a UX designer and MockFlow provides an entire UX kit to meet this need with minimal learning curve and affordable pricing.

WireframePro: "Specs" feature - Get automated spec and style info from wireframe


Today's update introduces a new major feature called "Specs" in WireframePro. Using "Specs", users can automatically generate pixel-perfect specifications and css code for any component used in the Wireframe.

As seen above, "Specs" simplifies design handoff as designers can easily pull out details such as positioning, size, colors, fonts, assets and also make use of the generated css styles.

p.s. In a later release, "Specs" will also be able to export to iOS and Android Style code.

WireframePro: Built-in Image Editor with crop and other improvements


Following up the official release of WireframePro 2.0, today's update brings built-in Image Editor plus several other improvements.

This built-in Image Editor is nicely integrated with rest of the wireframe functions. It is available in image settings and also under 'Images' Tab. The image editor provides only features that are useful for wireframing thus making it fast and easy to use.

It performs the following operations:

  • Flip Image both horizontal and vertical
  • Convert Image to Grayscale
  • Convert Image to Sketch like drawing
  • Crop Image with different pre-defined ratios
  • Color Picker to pick colors from the Image

Other noted improvements in this release are:

  • Now page can be panned (scrolled) using shortcut - Hold SHIFT + Left mouse button
  • Shortcut for ordering - sendtop, sendbottom using Ctrl+arrow keys
  • Callout comp fixes in both review mode and export
  • In-App feedback form - available in top menu
  • Minor UI Issues in certain browsers have been fixed

Officially announcing WireframePro 2.0 Editor


We are excited and happy to officially announce the next major version of our flagship app. WireframePro 2.0 made its initial public release in December. For the past 3 months, as mentioned in this changelog we were rigorously updating it with new features, performance improvements while also maintaining its functional parity with its now old 1.0 Flash based Editor. We believe that the 2.0 editor now meets all the criteria for an official release.

Major Changes in 2.0

  • Editor written from scratch with modern tech stack
  • Editor is fast, stable and compatible with all modern browsers
  • Lean user interface with minimal interference
  • NEW! Project Views: Thumbnail View, Visual Map View
  • Quick export to PDF, Image, PPT, Word, HTML5
  • NEW! Cross-project copy paste and repeat paste
  • UPDATED! Wireframe Store with quick preview
  • NEW! Component Packs for a wide variety of UI Kits
  • Native Desktop apps for Windows and MacOS -
  • Improved Real-time collaboration

For more information visit

Here is snapshot of the old editor

StyleGuide: 2 new Themes and 1 new color block style layout


StyleGuide has been updated with 2 new themes - DarkBlue and BlueGradient. Also one more "Block Style" Color Layout has been added. This update also fixes certain issues with Custom Fonts in styleguide.

AnnotatePro: 4 New Font Styles - Popup text, 3D text, Edge Text and Glow Style


The text component in AnnotatePro has been updated with 4 new font styles as shown below

SiteMap: Two new SiteMap themes - Pear Green and Dole Pink


Two new themes has been added to MockFlow SiteMap: Pear Green and Dole Pink

Checkout at

StyleGuide: Now upload and set Logos for StyleGuides


The latest update allows you to set custom logos of any size (max of 500px) to your StyleGuide document

No published changelogs yet.

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