AnnotatePro Updates: Google Fonts, New Sticker Store…


AnnotatePro has been regularly updated with new features and improvements to make sure it is the best solution for illustrating images.

Last week the following updates were released for this Web App:

Google Font Integration:  In addition to several built-in fonts that AnnotatePro already provides, the entire Google Font library has been integrated for more font choices

New Sticker Store: The sticker store has been completely re-designed as shown in the picture above. The stickers are now more accessible, easier to search and also the store has been updated with new additions.

Highlight Marker: A new option has been added to the previously released “Draw Mode” feature to highlight any part of an image like a real-world sketch marker.

Note: Google Font integration is now also available in MockFlow BannerPro

Stay tuned as more updates are on the pipeline. For any suggestions, tweet us @mockflowapp



New Dashboard for MockFlow

Screenshot 2015-08-14 14.10.56

Each App in MockFlow DesignCloud is managed using its Dashboard. The Dashboard provides project management, account settings, sharing, license management and more with a consistent user experience across  apps. This new release of dashboard has undergone a major change in almost all aspects of its functionality as noted below:

  • Clean design – The overall look and feel is minimal with a cleaner approach than the outgoing design
  • Faster App Switching – Switching between apps in Dashboard is now easier and more obvious
  • Grid Project Layout – With Grid based layout user will see more projects on screen with project info at a glance
  • Faster Sharing – Sharing is now faster with some workflow and interface improvements
  • Consistent UX – The user experience is consistent no matter what MockFlow app you are using which means less to learn

For your reference, here is a screenshot of the outgoing dashboard interface: Screenshot 2015-08-02 13.23.13

DesignCollab 2.0 Release – Introducing Boards, Visual Diff and Export to PDF


We are excited to officially announce a new major update to MockFlow DesignCollab. As you may know DesignCollab helps users to share design variations with their team to help select the best design. This update brings in new features that improves this decision making process in approving design in a quicker and efficient way.


Boards help to categorize design variations into different groups. A single DesignCollab project can have multiple boards for approval. For Example: A website design project will have boards for “Logo”, “Background Image”, “Contact Form”, “Page Design”…

Each Board can have an approver who will select the best design in that board. For instance: An Approver will review and pick the best logo in the list of logo design variations.


As Designs are also about versioning, everything can be sorted in a DesignCollab Project. Boards can be sorted in order, design variations inside each board can be sorted and also design variations can be moved between boards

Visual Diff:


The new DesignCollab app adds 2 more comparison modes for comparing designs in addition to the existing side-by-side mode.

Side-by-Side mode: Compare designs next to each other

Overlay mode: Compare designs one on top of another with transparency

Diff Mode: Will visually show the differences between variations

Export to PDF:

Each board in a project can be exported to a PDF that will help in documenting your design process for future reference and will also facilitate in offline sharing by printing the document

Apart from the above mentioned features, DesignCollab has received a complete UI overhaul  including Chat, Activity listing and dashboard.

Try now at:

New! AnnotatePro – Google Chrome Extension


We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Google Chrome browser extension for MockFlow AnnotatePro.

This extension helps to take screenshots of web pages and uploads the image seamlessly to the AnnotatePro web editor where the user can markup the image or make it interactive. And then instantly share the annotation by generating URL.

Chrome Store Extension Link





BannerPro New Feature – Effect Timeline Graph

Screenshot 2015-06-18 16.30.33 The latest release of BannerPro introduces a new feature called “TimerGraph”. As seen in the picture above TimerGraph provides an interactive visualisation of the effect timeline of the banner. Previously to choreograph an effect sequence users had to manually calculate and set the delay and duration of the effects in the banner. Now using the “TimerGraph” users not only have a full view of the effect sequence but also can edit the timeline of effects within the graph. In short, TimerGraph helps users to sequence the banner effects in a faster and visual way.

BannerPro Update – Themes, Navigation Component, Push Transition

Screenshot 2015-05-29 14.59.25


MockFlow BannerPro has been updated with the following major changes last week:

Themes – All shape components have a new button in settings panel called “Themes”. Themes help to quickly set flat or modern gradient colors with less tweaking.

Navigation Component – A new component has been added to the BannerPro library. The navigation component provides a list of buttons helpful in navigating slideshows.

Push Transition – Transition provides motion when user navigates from one slide to another. A new transition called ‘Push’ provides slide based motion, useful when creating interactive slideshows.





WebsitePro Update – New Catalog listing of Web services

The latest WebsitePro update includes a new small but useful feature in Pages called “Services”. The “Services” is a curated catalog of web applications that can be embedded in your website for various purposes such as ‘Forms’, ‘Analytics’, ‘Comments’, ‘Chat’, ‘Slideshows’….  As WebsitePro helps to build pure static websites without any server overhead, these services help to add more functionality to your websites with less work.

Screenshot 2015-05-06 14.56.03