New Feature: “Post Wireframe as a Comment” and Comment Attachments

Screenshot 2014-11-13 23.02.45

WireframePro’s latest update provides significant improvements to the Comment System. Comments are a vital part of a wireframe project to gather feedback, collaborate and share ideas.  So far comments in WireframePro were only text based, this update helps users to make visual feedback by bringing in two new features:

Post Wireframe as a Comment

Users can now modify the page they are viewing and post it as a Comment by simply clicking the “Modify Page and Post” button as shown in the picture above. This aids users to instantly communicate the visual changes they require in the Wireframe.

The editor of the project can import this modified page if needed to their project.


Files like PDF, images can be attached to comments. This helps to reduce email clutter associated with a Wireframe project.

You can try both these features by clicking here.

Note: DesignCollab also now allows attachments for comments.


Real-time Collaboration & Team Chat added for AppPlanner, DesignCollab and WebsitePro

Screenshot 2014-09-15 23.09.40

MockFlow being an Online Design suite, Collaboration and Communication are key elements when projects are shared between users.  Today’s big update solves this by providing Real-time data sync and Team Chat for the following apps in Design Cloud:

You can verify this by opening two instances of the same app and project. And any change made in one instance will be immediately reflected in the other instance of the project.

Team-Chat provides an in-app embedded but draggable chat dialog for discussing project details as you make changes.



AnnotatePro Update: Sticker Store & Image Padding

Screenshot 2014-08-06 21.23.36


We are excited to release the long awaited update for MockFlow AnnotatePro. This latest update brings in two big features apart from bug fixes and performance improvements like quicker exporting.

Sticker Store

AnnotatePro now comes with a third-party Sticker Store as shown in the picture above. Sticker store provides a growing library of annotation stickers in addition to the built-in components. Users can search, import and use these stickers in their annotation to achieve better markup and attention.

Sticker Store already includes over two dozen stickers and it is growing fast. Users can also contribute their own stickers to the store or keep it restricted only to their project.

Image Padding

Image Padding allows you to expand the space around the Image to accommodate more annotation components. The Image Padding control can be accessed from the top menu and it provides options to increase the padding for each side of the Image and also the color of the extra space can be set.

Screenshot 2014-08-06 21.23.50

Like with other MockFlow Products, we are continuously updating AnnotatePro. In its next update we hope to provide features like drawing over image, improved sharing and an API.




DesignCollab Update: Get Client Approvals to select best design

up1MockFlow DesignCollab is an online tool to speedup design decisions for Teams and Consultants. This new update helps to even more simplify the decision process in a better way.

Client Approvals  – This is the highlight of this update. As shown in the screenshot above, projects can be shared with Clients called Approvers. Clients can then review, comment and approve the best Design Variation

Ratings Removed – We have removed the ability to rate individual design variations, since the feature was underused and it did not help private projects as they have few collaborators.

Interface Updates – Sharing Projects is now quicker, Design Thumbnails are now reasonably bigger and many minor quirks have been fixed.

Screenshot 2: Design Variations showing Approved Designup2


Screenshot 3: Now projects can be shared with Approversup3

Next Update: The goal is already set for DesignCollab’s next major release which will include Real-Time Collaboration and native Mobile apps for iOS and Android.




New ‘Diagram Editor’ in AppPlanner

Screenshot 2014-04-08 15.45.11

MockFlow AppPlanner provides a complete tool for planning and organizing your App development. In addition to its existing functions such as Task Management,  File Sharing, App Knowledgeable and App Details section, we are now pleased to introduce a new ‘Diagram Editor’ that will help to brainstorm ideas for your App.

This new feature is called ‘ARCHITECT’ and it helps to Draw diagrams to visualize App ideas, user interface and design workflows to architect App’s functions


New Product Launch: MockFlow AppPlanner

Screenshot 2014-03-27 23.17.38


MockFlow Design Cloud aims to provide a comprehensive set of online tools for designers to Plan, Build and Share in the cloud.  AppPlanner as the name suggests is part of the planning stage in addition to WireframePro.

What is AppPlanner?

Unlike your typical project management software or task management app, AppPlanner is a total planning solution built specifically for modern Application development.

MockFlow AppPlanner provides the following features to plan and organize your App development in a easy and collaborative way:

  • Details App Description including competitors and software used
  • Built-in Task Management with discussions
  • File Storage with support for annotated feedback
  • Links to resources meant for that App
  • Notes to brainstorm ideas for the App

For more information visit

Application Login: http:/




New Product Launch: MockFlow WebsitePro


We are excited to end 2013 with the announcement of WebsitePro, the latest addition to MockFlow Design Cloud.

MockFlow WebsitePro provides a super-fast development platform to code, manage and host static Websites. Its beautifully crafted editor is built to focus only on creating static sites therefore it eliminates all un-necessary complexity and overhead that most editors have.

Why Static Websites?

Most sites do not require server-side languages or database calls for their front-end websites. By switching your front-end site to static (HTML/CSS/JS only), web pages render lightning fast with no server overhead. A static site is served many times quicker thus improving page load time for the end-user and faster sites get better SEO ratings in search engines.

WebsitePro in its initial release already includes automated compression, revision history, Page parts, image management, collaboration, custom domains and Template Store.

More features such as advanced Page previewer, Test management and Mobile site tools are in the pipeline.

For more information visit

Application Login: