MockFlow update: Real-Time Design Collaboration (RTDC) & Team Accounts


We are excited to officially announce the availability of new collaboration features in MockFlow. Labeled as ‘Real-Time Design Collaboration‘ (RTDC), it enables teams to work-together and communicate in real-time to design wireframes for their software/websites. This feature is available FREE for both basic and premium accounts.

RTDC is broken down into the following parts:

1. Real-Time Notifier: As you see in the picture above, you will receive notifications in the editor when other co-editors of the wireframe make changes to it. The notifier not only shows who updated the wireframe but also gives you options to Refresh(1) to see his/her changes immediately or Preview(2) the changes before accepting it.

2. Team Chat:  Communication is a vital part when designing Wireframes together as a team or sharing your work with your client. Team Chat simply fills that spot, it shows whether the mockup’s collaborators or currently online or not.

We see some great uses of RTDC whether your a business or freelancer and hope to bring in more new surprises using RTDC functionality. See the video below for a 1 min demo :

Team Accounts

Considering the great value of MockFlow for teams including the above feature, sharing and annotated comments, we are now introducing a new upgrade option that is suited for businesses who require more than 2 users of MockFlow. Team Accounts saves you money with the already low-price.

To apply for Team Accounts, click the ‘upgrade’ button in settings, enter your business details and no. of users to know your calculated discount price.

One thought on “MockFlow update: Real-Time Design Collaboration (RTDC) & Team Accounts

  1. I evaluated this software for use on my HCI course, although it is very effective and user friendly as a standalone design tool, it’s collaborative feature is not ‘real time’ but rather semi-synchronous in the same that messenger/chat tool functions. You have to ‘save’ before the participating team member gets a ‘refresh’ message to view the other team members revisions. In the evaluation the participants were very confused when to ‘save’ and when to ‘refresh’ before saving their own revisions. This became more confusing with participants saving revisions at the same time and frequently losing work. A fear built up in ‘refreshing’ and losing work. This evaluation was done only with two participants, I can’t imagine the confusion of more people team working. This collaborative feature does not work effectively, and I am surprised it has even been released as a feature. I also found another evaluation study that had the same conclusions.I have since tested LucidTouch which has real-time collaboration updates on drag and dropping UI components onto the stage. I suggest you try this if you want effective collaborative working.

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