MockFlow updates
MockFlow updates

Secure your wireframe project links with pass key




Screenshot 2021-11-23 at 4.25.51 PM.png

We understand the importance of sharing UI ideas with an URL. Since it is easy to share, viewers need not signup and best of all it can be hyperlinked inside documents. Which is why the "create project link" in MockFlow dialog box offers many options for a better viewing experience like allowing export access, anonymous comments, default project view mode. Also the user can enter a custom URL for the project.

Today's update provides an additional option that lets project owners and admins to secure their project link with a pass key.

How it works

  • While creating or editing a project link. There is now an option called "Protect with key". On enabling it, you can type-in a pass key for that link.

  • Now after saving, whenever the project link is opened, it will ask for the pass key for viewing the project. Incorrect pass key will throw permission denied error.

  • Pass key can be changed any number of times for the same project link.

  • There are no conditions for the pass key. So the user can secure with an easy or strong key based on their security preference.

Screenshot 2021-11-23 at 4.51.29 PM.png

Although it may not be as secure as adding members to the project. The "Protect URL with key" feature is a very useful option just like encrypted PDFs giving a security wall for your public facing UI idea. Also we are sure clients will appreciate it as they need not have a MockFlow account to access the project.

So share your UI idea URLs in email, chat, forum, freelancing website with pass key protection. Incase you feel the pass key is compromised, it can be changed all in the cloud with affecting the original URL.

Note: Passkey protection of project links is a paid only feature which is not available for the free Basic plan. Upgrade to access.



Psst.. the key is: keytest21

Tip: Not a good practice to share the key along with the URL. It is best to share them in separate messages or different mediums.

Know CSS? Now style wireframes with css code




Screenshot 2021-11-15 at 8.49.43 PM.png

We are super excited to release a new feature for adding custom css code to wireframe components. This change brings endless possibilities with which you can style your wireframes just like your real website or app.

Screenshot 2021-11-15 at 9.07.13 PM.png

Simply type-in or copy-paste your css code to create a text gradient, 3D transform, custom shadow or any style that CSS supports. Custom CSS code is faster than GUI based settings panel and is highly configurable.

In this release, the following components include support for CSS - rectangle, button, image, label and text. Support for more components is coming soon.

.TextGradientCSS {

background: -webkit-linear-gradient(#eee, #333);
  -webkit-background-clip: text;
  -webkit-text-fill-color: transparent;



  • Designers will find it faster to design with direct CSS code
  • Ability to design components with styles not found in settings panel
  • Developers can export CSS code using specs mode for faster handoff
  • CSS code can be added to existing wireframes
  • This feature is component based, so it is saved with components and UI packs

Note: Custom CSS code is a paid only feature not available to Basic plan. Upgrade to any paid plan for access.

🎉 📉 Introducing analytics for design space




Screenshot 2021-10-29 at 8.24.48 PM.png

Today's big update to MockFlow provides analytics for design space. If you are new to MockFlow, DesignSpace is a fresh way to create, organize and share product design work. It provides a complete product design experience by bringing teams, assets and tools together. Which means there is lot of data involved in a space in terms of files, projects, actions and counts. This is where analytics for space helps by providing stunning visualizations of this data to show important insights.

Some of these insights included in this update are:

  • Project type count
  • Member type graph
  • Top wireframe projects
  • Design files by approval status
  • Design files by type
  • Top revised files
  • Embeds usage by functionality
  • Top creators in space

More insights are in the works which will be released in future updates.

Benefit from space analytics to know the progress of your product's design stage, learn how various members of your team contribute to your space. Track your space data for better understanding.

Screenshot 2021-10-29 at 8.50.56 PM.png

How to:

Space analytics can be launched by clicking the chart icon next to the search box inside space. And also from settings menu.

Note: Space analytics is available only for users with "Product design" plan.

Updated Chart components with 8 types in regular and sketchy styles





The simple chart components that are currently available in MockFlow provide quick and basic visualization. However they have no labels and legends. And they are also limited in styling and types.

Today's update provides a complete set of new chart components with advanced capabilities and styling. Also they come in two different styles - regular and sketchy.

Both styles include:

  • Easy coloring
  • Grid option
  • Legends
  • Labels
  • Sketchy properties
  • Font styling

All the new charts, retain the same ease of entering data of the simple charts.

Now wireframe your dashboards and analytics UI layouts faster with the new chart components. And choose your chart style whether outline, high-fidelity or hand-drawn.

Included charts:

  • Horizontal bar chart
  • Vertical bar chart
  • Area chart
  • Line chart
  • Pie chart
  • Radar chart
  • Scatter chart
  • Bubble chart

Here is sample dashboard with sketchy styled charts. View here.

New! MockFlow plugin for Adobe Photoshop - collaborate on product assets




Screenshot 2021-10-05 at 10.02.55 AM.png

We are happy to announce our new MockFlow plugin for Adobe Photoshop. It has been approved by the Adobe Team and is now available in their marketplace.

With the introduction of new "design spaces" (aka workspace for UI design) in MockFlow, collaborating on creative assets has become one of the key features.

This plugin simplifies the workflow of adding design files to MockFlow by allowing designers to directly send their source and exported formats of their Photoshop files to the target space.

To upload, use the plugin to signin-to MockFlow and select the appropriate design space (aka workspace) . After the first upload, subsequent versioning for the same file can be created by the designer.

Uses :

  • Sharing - File is auto shared with members of the design space
  • Context: Keep all important assets of your product design in one place
  • Deliverable: Both source and exported files are stored for easy handoff
  • Approval: Review designs and set approval status
  • Versioning: Create major version points of your Photoshop file
  • Comparison: Compare files with side-by-side, reveal and overlay modes.
  • Feedback: Inline commenting of files [coming soon]


Design in Photoshop, collaborate in MockFlow

Install plugin from Adobe marketplace

Add and refer live code and videos with the new Snippets powerup






Facilitate easier hand-offs to developers by adding snippet examples like JSfiddle, Codepen, Youtube videos, CSS styles and also any HTML embeds that can be useful in implementation of the UI.

Also pinpoint snippets to refer the exact location of the UI that is being referred to. For example attach a JSfiddle signup button code animation to the related area inside the wireframe.

Following snippets are supported as of now


Enrich your wireframes with live examples, so that developers will have a better insight regarding the design.

For more information and installation visit this link.

Record UI demo videos powered by Loom






Communicating UI ideas for remote teams brings more clarity. This new Power-up helps to record and send video messages of your UI concepts. It is also great for creating explainer videos, demonstrating UX workflows and presenting UI designs.

Powered by integration, now you can instantly record such UI demos without leaving your wireframe editor and also share it with your team.

Recording options include only screen or screen along with face time. After recording, video can be submitted as a wireframe comment or shared via email.

For more information and installation visit this link.

Power-up Shortcuts - Now access related powerups at the right places






Power-ups are mini-apps that are installed within the MockFlow editor for more features. To start with, this process is not straight-forward as user has to navigate to the MockStore from the editor and then find and install Power-ups before accessing them.

This new release simplifies the above process and makes power-ups more visible and easily accessible right where you need them. With shortcuts no installation is required and it make Power-ups feel as a natural extension of the related functionality. It enhances common operations in the editor like upload, export with additional options, thanks to Power-up shortcuts.

As of now, Powerup Shortcuts are available in the following areas:


  • Upload images:

    • Stock Photography
    • Web image search
    • Google Drive Import
    • Dropbox import
  • Text settings panel:

    • Spell checker
    • Text Translation
    • Dummy data import
  • Specs module:

    • Design Tokens
  • Export Options:

    • Mockup Generator
    • Export annotation
    • Heatmaps

More such Power-ups will be actively integrated within the editor's UI in a non-obtrusive way.

Note: Power-ups are available only for yearly subscriptions.

Turn UI designs to product mockups with Frames Powerup





Screenshot 2021-05-19 at 8.53.18 AM.png

Created a high-fidelity UI design for your product with MockFlow ? Now preview your UI inside different "frames" and export as image.

We are happy to release a new Powerup to the MockStore called "Frames". Use "Frames" to generate awesome UI mockup screenshots by placing your user interface designs in vivid backgrounds so that it feels more real. Switch and preview between different frames instantly to find what matches your UI design and purpose.

Use Frames to

  • Pitch your new UI design with a better background
  • Generate mockup screenshots of your upcoming UI
  • Use your framed UI in brochures, blog, slideshows

This initial release already comes with over 30 beautiful backrounds in over 5 categories like iMac, laptops, iPhone, Android and Apple Watch. More frames and categories are coming soon.

For more information, check here.

Bringing centralised Two-Factor Authentication for teams






In order to meet enterprise standards for security compliance, MockFlow now brings Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) feature for teams to secure their login. 2FA as the name suggests is essentially a two step verification process during account login. When 2FA is enabled, in addition to the regular login (through direct credentials/Google Login/SSO), a verification dialog will appear asking for a 6-digit login code. This login code is sent to the user's email address.

The idea behind 2FA is that even when user's login credentials are compromised, the extra verification step will prevent un-authorized bots and users from accessing account.

2FA can be enabled for all MockFlow apps which includes web app, desktop apps for mac and windows and also integration apps.

Also 2FA can be centrally managed for all team members from admin dashboard by the license administrator. Two-Factor Authentication feature is available only for TeamPack yearly and Enterprise plans. For more details on MockFlow's security procedures and features visit this link.