New UI pack : Dark mode theme


Dark mode has become as significant trend across OS platforms as it emits less light and delivers better UI experience for night viewing.

We are now introducing a dedicated UI pack in MockStore for wireframing user interfaces for dark mode. The UI pack includes 97 components specifically themed to mimic this appearance.

Open UI-pack

New Power-up: Heatmap visualizer


Draw and visualize heatmaps over wireframes. This powerup lets you draw heatmaps over UI to present what users want, care about and do on your UI by visually highlighting behavior with hotspots.

  • Draw color-coded heatmaps based on sensitivity
  • Visually represent hotspots over UI
  • Add your wireframe pages to heatmap
  • Export heatmaps to image

Open Power-up

Introducing "MockStore" design refresh

Screenshot 2019-06-26 10.32.19.png

We are proud to introduce the next version of MockStore with a complete design overhaul that not only now looks more aesthetically clean but also easier to find and import wireframing essentials for UI designing.

MockStore is the one-stop shop for UI ideas, component sets and powerful addon tools. The new sidebar provides the following options:

  • Discover - The new discover tab highlights popular items from all categories
  • Power-ups - Addon tools to super-charge UI designing with more functions
  • UI Packs - Find and install components for designing any type of UI
  • Templates - UI ideas which are community powered and ready to modify

New Power-up: Requirements Manager


Managing design requirements in a structured way is essential for UI implementation process. The requirements power-up helps to add, manage and track UI requirements.

Define specification requirements for each component or section of UI design. This power-up lets you visually associate your requirement in the UI design. Make requirements easy to create, communicate and manage them.


  • Mark requirements in the UI wireframe
  • List requirements by page
  • Add detailed description and attachments to requirements

New Power-up: Whiteboard

Screenshot 2019-05-14 14.31.03.png

Present your UI designs like in a real Whiteboard

Import wireframes of UI designs and make digital presentations in meetings using the Whiteboard Power-up. It comes with a range of markup and pointer options to illustrate your explanations about UI designs to your design team.

Features include

  • Pointer cursor options - mouse, laser, pointer, target
  • Drawing options - Pencil, markers and eraser
  • After illustration, save and post your Whiteboard as a comment
  • Download whiteboard as PNG image

New Power-up: UX Storyboarding

Screenshot 2019-05-04 22.53.33.png

Visually predict and explore user's experience with a product's UI using storyboarding.

UX Storyboarding brings the power to chart a user's journey in a product or website. Storyboards are an easy way to represent complex workflows, This power-up helps to line-up UI designs to create such specific paths.

  • Create any number of stories within a project along with labels and description
  • Export stories to PDF format for easier sharing and archiving
  • Option to add custom images to storyboard other than wireframes

New Power-up: Design proposal creator

Screenshot 2019-04-29 15.38.54.png

Create beautiful design proposals that your clients will love.

This is a full blown proposal creation software built as an add-on for WireframePro. Easily create multi-page design proposals for UI development and send it to your clients.

Major features included are:

  • Add custom cover page and logo
  • Export design proposal to PDF format
  • Approval feature for clients
  • Add your UI designs easily within the proposal

Install from here

New Power-up: UX documentation

Screenshot 2019-04-24 10.19.14.png

Write rich documentation for your UI wireframes

UX documentation power-up provides a rich WYSIWYG writing tool specifically designed for writing guidelines and specifications for your UI designs created with MockFlow.

It has the following key features:

  • Insert Wireframes directly inside your documentation
  • Write common doc for the entire project or page based writeup
  • Export documentation to PDF format
  • Upload images, insert tables, formatting etc...

Introducing Power-ups for WireframePro - eXtend your UI design

Screenshot 2019-04-17 21.09.26.png

After many months, we are super excited to release the next major version of MockFlow WireframePro. The most important part of this release is the introduction of Power-ups.

Power-ups are like mini-apps or extensions that can be installed and opened inside WireframePro helping to super-charge your UI designing with new capabilities. In our initial release, there are already 11 Power-ups available in MockStore some of them are described below:

  • Voting - Let your Team vote on UI design variations
  • UnSplash - Integrates image resource library
  • TimeTrack - Track time spent and manage time sheets of all members
  • SEO - Record SEO details of each page in the wireframe project
  • Dropbox - Import photos and images directly from your Dropbox account
  • DiffDesign - Compare pages to check differences between designs


We are already working on many new Power-ups to revolutionise UI design. For more information check here - Power-ups

New! Support for multiple icon sets and vector images


The latest version of WireframePro app brings in a couple of big updates that includes

Multiple icon libraries - Now finding the appropriate icon for your project type is easier. As the icon picker in editor has built-in support for a wide variety of popular icon sets such Font-awesome, Ionic, Material ...etc. and this list will keep growing.

Vector image support - SVG images are now natively supported in Images section. The settings panel allows to make certain modifications to SVG like flip, color change, opacity and shadow.