MockFlow updates
MockFlow updates

New! Safeguard .wire design files with password protection


Safeguarding your UI blueprints is essential whether the data is online or offline. At MockFlow, we always ensure security is given top-most priority for protecting confidential UI design data using enterprise standard features like SSL, SSO, private by default permissions. For more information checkout our security procedures. While these are for cloud files, security is equally important when creating and sharing offline design files in .wire format used by our application.

The latest MockFlow Desktop app for Windows and Mac has a new feature that lets users protect .wire design files with a password. Password-protected .wire files are encrypted with AES-256 bit algorithm that is virtually unbreakable by a hacker unless they know the private key.

Now easily share your .wire files through any communication channel like email, chat or file sharing services with peace of mind. As long the .wire file is encrypted, nobody can open the file without the password.

This feature is available only for TeamPack yearly and Enterprise plans starting today. Note: Only the latest desktop app versions can open encrypted files. Upgrade now.

Now localize your UI with i18n internationalization powerup


Designing UI based on text content is important especially when the app or website is going to target users across the globe with localization. String lengths varies from one language to another, therefore localization should be part of the wireframe stage itself to design UI layouts that accomdates different locales.

We are excited to introduce "UI Internationalization" Powerup to MockFlow as a must-have addon to create, translate, and manage UI strings for different languages. It not only helps in the localization of UI but also provides a design perspective by previewing locale strings instantly in your UI design. This will allow translators to work closely with UI designers to decide on the best text for that language that suits the UI layout.

The i18n powerup is designed for managing multiple languages at once with its simple yet powerful interface. After localization, i18n resource bundles can be generated in json format which is supported in multiple UI application frameworks.

Some of its features include:

  • Auto sync UI strings from your wireframes including HTML text
  • Create custom strings that are not in wireframe
  • Preview language in wireframe instantly
  • Uses Microsoft Bing Translate API to optionally assist in translating strings
  • Customize i18 resource bundle generation to selected languages
  • Universal search for looking up strings

Get UI design approvals within WireframePro


Designs are always subjective and evolves best when there is feedback. Lets for example take a designer wireframing a "signup page" for a business app. The designer will typically create different variations of the signup page and submit it to stakeholders for review. This whole process is cumbersome and undocumented when done via chat or email. Here is where this powerup steps-in, as it streamlines the entire design review process in a visual way and all without leaving the editor.

  1. Upload design variations - 2. Receive feedback - 3. Get the best design approved.

The Approvals powerup helps to make UI decisions faster by improving the review process. Create boards for each design item like logos, background, UI layout…, upload design variations to the boards and then get feedback from project members. Based on review, upload new variations and get approvals.

  • Organize design items into boards
  • Compare variations with different modes - side-by-side, overlay and diff
  • Annotated comments that can be pointed in the design
  • Different approval stamps like Approved, Rejected, Needs work…
  • Upload custom images or directly add UI drawings from wireframepro
  • Export all approved design items in a single PDF for documentation

For more details and installation, visit this link.

New Powerup to markup UI designs and screenshots


More than comments and descriptions, it is essential to convey the details of an image like screenshots or UI designs visually. This helps viewers to identify the context of the illustration quickly. Today we are releasing a new Powerup that allows you to do precisly the above mentioned in a far better way.

Introducing, Markup - an AnnotatePro powerup that allows you to describe your UI mockups with interactive annotations.

Use Markup to:

  • Annotate wireframes with over 20 markup components
  • Create interactive spots over screenshots and wireframe with text,images,video…
  • Hide sensitive content in screenshots and highlight important areas in UI
  • Use Sticker Store to access a wide library of annotations like for example: approval stamps

For more details and installation, visit this link.

Identify WCAG accessiblity issues with this new Powerup

Screenshot 2021-03-11 at 3.03.21 PM.png

Planning for a good product design involves following the best accessibility standards to make the product usable for all its users. We are pleased to inform the release of a new Powerup called "Accessibility Checker" to identify and fix WCAG compatible issues even before your product's UI is developed.

It follows WCAG guidelines for checking the below parameters:

  • Alt text in images
  • Font size legibility
  • Color contrast ratio

To use this checker, open the Powerup and click on the 'Select component' button to select the component to be validated for accessibility standards.

For more details and installation on this Powerup, visit this link.

Now make your editor sidebar more powerful


The latest cloud and desktop release of MockFlow enables project owners and admins to customize their project's sidebar by adding related Powerups for faster access. Upto 3 Powerup icons can now be saved to the sidebar for easier opening and switching between Powerups.

Added Powerups will automatically show/hide based on permission and editor mode. This feature will help collaborators in extending and improving their wireframing experience with frictionless access to addons. Here are some examples that you can follow to provide a customized environment for your project members:

Hope you get the idea on how to keep your stakeholders engaged by providing access to important tools at their fingertips.

New Powerup to manage and export "Design Tokens" for UI


Design Tokens help in creating the design system of an interface with indivisible pieces like colors, font-sizes, spaces, animations, etc. This Powerup lets you to create, manage and export DesignTokens for your UI and also group them into logical collections.


  • Create and preview design tokens in a visual way
  • Generate tokens from your wireframes
  • Export design tokens into Android, iOS, SCSS, SASS and Less formats
  • Supports reference tokens for creating dependency hierarchies

For installing this Powerup visit DesignTokens Powerup

SpellChecker Powerup: With this new addon correct spelling mistakes in wireframe


Check and correct spelling mistakes in wireframes with the new SpellChecker Powerup. Simply select text based components in your wireframe and click on the auto-correct button in the powerup to check for misspelled words and update them in text components with corrections.

Under the hood, it uses Microsoft Bing Spell Check API. While most spell-checkers rely on dictionary-based rule sets, the Bing spell-checker leverages machine learning and statistical machine translation to provide accurate and contextual corrections.

For installing this add-on visit SpellChecker Powerup

New UI Pack for wireframing Data grids and tables


MockFlow already provides 3 special components for wireframing data grids/ tables. Which include

  • Advanced DataGrid - with individual cell formatting, icon support, visual editing.
  • DataGrid - Simple to use, easy to format with markdown like syntax
  • LayoutBuilder - To create custom grids or page layouts.

Using the above components, we have released a new UI pack in MockStore called "DataTables UI" to represent different types of tables commonly used in websites and webapps. It includes components like excel sheet, pricing table, user listing, sales grid…

For more information and importing the UI pack to your wireframe project, Check this link.

New Solutions from MockFlow

Screenshot 2020-12-29 at 7.55.23 PM.png

Teams, designers and businesses across the globe use MockFlow for sketching their UI. However, over the last few years, MockFlow has grown incredibly huge beyond just wireframing. The new solutions page is a testament to what is possible with MockFlow. It describes with real examples of how MockFlow lets you plan the entire UI process by encompassing the following stages in its workflow:

  • UI Research and Scope
  • Creating Information Architecture
  • Sketching UI layouts
  • Organising UI Flows
  • Interaction designs
  • Building Design Systems
  • UI Evaluation

Click here to visit the new solutions page for more details.