Create illustrative mockups with this new UI pack


We are happy to release a new UI pack called "Illustrative mockups" for WireframePro. It provides over 100 components for building colorful UI illustrations. Illustrations are unlike regular wireframes as they help to visually represent user interfaces in a colorful and appealing way. Which is why they are used in places that attracts viewers such as webpages, presentations etc…

Quickly design and export your UI representations with "Illustrative mockups" UI pack for making attractive layouts of your apps.

Link to UI Pack - Illustrative Mockups

Support for videos in MockFlow StyleGuide

Screenshot 2020-02-21 11.42.23.png

MockFlow StyleGuide helps users to create design references or brand sheets with text, images, colors and fonts. Now with support for videos in this latest release, designers can showcase UI walkthroughs, demo videos and content reels in their design documents. It allows batch video uploads in mp4 format ,custom thumbnails and streaming.

In the near future release, direct embed support for video service providers like YouTube and more video file formats will be added.

New component: LayoutBuilder - wizard for creating UI layouts

Screenshot 2020-02-11 12.21.18.png

Layouts are key for designing better UI as they form the skeleton structure for placing interface elements and content. To help this, We are excited to release a special new component to WireframePro called "LayoutBuilder" which does exactly as it sounds.

LayoutBuilder helps designers visually create boilerplate templates for building their UI structure in a quick and effective way. Easily create layouts for multicolumn websites, mobile interfaces or any UI for that matter. Also download your created layout as a reusable HTML/CSS code.

LayoutBuilder is now available in the latest version of WireframePro's web and desktop apps.

Introducing 'Archive mode' for UI projects


De-clutter your project dashboard with the new Archive mode. Move your old projects, completed ideas and UI that should not be updated into archive. When a project is moved into archive, it cannot be edited and will open only in read-only mode for all the collaborators of the project.

Archive mode not only helps you to cleanup your dashboard but also prevent unwanted changes to be done to your finished projects. Also projects under archive mode can be restored to its original state anytime when necessary.

New Power-up: UI walkthrough diagrams


We are excited to release a new Power-up for creating "user flow diagrams" in WireframePro's MockStore. UI walkthrough lets you connect interface screens and make stunning user flows of your wireframe project. Visualize a user's journey or the product's function with this Power-up.

Feature highlights:

  • Attach wireframes or custom thumbnails
  • Export to image
  • Custom arrow settings

View Power-up

UI Pack for device frames available now in MockStore


A new UI pack called "Device Frames" has been released in MockStore. This is a comprehensive pack which helps designers to mockup UI for a specific device. It provides outlines of popular devices so users can design and preview their interface in perspective of its device.

It includes mobile devices, remotes, gaming consoles, smartwatches, smart tv, car touchdisplay, computers etc…

MockStore - Device frames

New! Trash bin: Prevent accidental deletes and recover lost data


Accidentally deleted data is a pain to recover and sometimes it is lost forever. To mitigate this, MockFlow already provides secure-delete function which will ask for the project owner's account password before deleting a project.

In addition to this, we are now introducing "Trash bin" for all MockFlow apps and also a trash can for pages inside WireframePro projects. Just like the recycle-bin (or Trash) in your computer's operating system, all deleted projects will now first go to the Trash-bin. From here the user can either permanently delete it or recover the deleted data within a click.

Trash bin for MockFlow apps

  • Deleted projects go to bin
  • Projects in trash are automatically deleted after 30 days
  • Projects in trash can be also individually deleted
  • Projects in trash can be restored before the grace period

Trash bin for pages in Mockflow WireframePro

  • Deleted pages are moved to trash
  • Pages in trash can be previewed without restoring
  • Pages in trash can be individually deleted
  • Pages in trash can be restored with all data

Trash feature is now available in all MockFlow web apps and also in WireframePro desktop apps.

Updated UI Packs - iPhone iOS 13, iPadOS 13 and watchOS 6

Feature.png Feature-image.png


We are happy to update all iOS based UI wireframe packs to the latest version. The updated packs not only include the current changes in UI design brought by Apple but also provides 30 percent more ready-made components and screens when compared with its earlier packs. This includes 316 iPhone components, 333 iPad components and 117 watchOS components.

Refer: MockStore

New! HD Video conferencing and Remote UI Presentations


Collaboration is key to brainstorming user interfaces efficiently. And WireframePro always helped teams to achieve this with sharing, annotated comments and real-time editing. Now we are very excited to take collaboration to a whole new level by releasing the following major features which are exclusive to TeamPack plan.

HD Video Conferencing:

Using a small video icon shown in the bottom-left corner of the sidebar, teams can now activate Video conferencing with fellow project members instantly. With this feature members can communicate with the entire team face-to-face / audio only. Also they can use the text-chat for referencing links and ideas.

Remote UI Presentation:

This is part of the communication feature suite. In video conference mode, any member can conduct remote UI presentations with their team. Conduct meetings, explain walkthroughs, delegate tasks and discuss improvements by activating presenter role at the click of a button.

UI Pack for creating Healthcare apps


MockStore now includes an exclusive UI pack for creating healthcare apps for Hospital management. It comes with over 54 Healthcare specific components such as Dashboards, patient details, doctor profiles, admin center, consultations, reports etc..

Download the UI pack here