Now single sign-on with Okta for your Enterprise


MockFlow already supports SSO with Google Login for businesses using GSuite. In today's release, we are extending this support for enterprises using SSO/SAML for their identity access management.

We are happy to announce that our Okta integration for SSO/SAML has been approved and published by their team and is available for general use.

Note: Okta SSO/SAML integration is available only for enterprise license users

Reference docs:

Support article

OKTA guide

WireframePro updates: Selective export, page background and AR mobile kit


Get ready for the summer update of WireframePro! Today's release brings in two important features and another UI pack for wireframing Augmented Reality mobile apps.

Selective export

As the name suggests, now it is possible to selectively export only a particular component, group or a selection of elements from a page to image. This is useful in exporting and sharing certain parts of your wireframe , when publishing your design elements to a StyleGuide or in breaking down a large wireframe whiteboard into artboard images.

Page background

While the default background of a WireframePro project remains white, users can now set a common background color for all pages or even make the background transparent. Wireframes with transparent background are helpful when generating images with selective export and designs required for further processing.

New! UI packs for SAP UI5 and Oracle Fusion UI to mockup enterprise apps


We have added two major new UI packs to WireframePro's MockStore - SAP UI5 and Oracle alta fusion UI framework. It currently consists of

  • 110 components for SAP UI5
  • 76 components in Oracle Fusion UI.

If your business is using the above frameworks for its apps then brainstorm with your team to plan your UI better with these ready-made UI packs and our super-easy wireframing software.

Now upload and use custom fonts for your UI design

Screenshot 2018-06-04 15.55.13.png

Design UI wireframes with your own typography

WireframePro now supports custom fonts that can be uploaded by the user. This is in addition to Google Font library and many built-in wireframe fonts already integrated within the editor. Using the custom font feature, users can bring in their own font families for their UI design and make it look closer to the final output.

To upload a custom font, just upload any supported font file - ttf, otf, woff or svg. WireframePro will automatically generate the css and required font family from the file.

Note: Custom font uploading is only supported for users with TeamPack and Enterprise licenses.

Updates to our Privacy Policy for GDPR

To address the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we've made some updates to our Privacy Policy to reinforce our commitment to the privacy and security of user data.

These changes go into effect starting today, and you can find our updated Privacy Policy here.

If you have any questions regarding this, please email us at

New Enterprise plan feature: Data migration between accounts


Although no official announcements were posted in the past 1 month, a number of updates have been made to MockFlow which includes re-designed account settings, performance enhancements to many apps and new integrations for SiteMap and AnnotatePro apart from various other minor improvements.

We are also working hard to bring in new features specifically for our Enterprise customers. As a result of which we are happy to announce today the release of "Data Migration option" for Enterprise plan.

Data Migration : Using the license manager, the administrator can now transfer / merge all MockFlow account data from 1 account to another user account in a secure way. This is useful in situations such as when an employee is leaving a company / change in company domain / team restructuring.

Announcing WireframePro integration within other MockFlow apps

Screenshot 2018-03-05 15.13.52.png

WireframePro is already integrated with several popular external apps such as Trello, Slack, Office365, Atlassian, Chrome... This time, we have made this integration internally to bring WireframePro editor within other MockFlow apps. This helps to provide a smooth UX design workflow by cutting down un-necessary steps.

WireframePro is now available with the following MockFlow apps

  • SiteMap
  • StyleGuide
  • DesignCollab

Example workflows:

SiteMap: Represent your UI design in SiteMap nodes by attaching your wireframes directly to it.

StyleGuide: Create, add your UI components and mockup interfaces to your design guidelines without leaving your StyleGuide app

DesignCollab: Add different variations of UI wireframes to help reviewers decide and approve the best interface idea.

Note: WireframePro for WebsitePro will be also released this month which will help project managers and designers brainstorm their design right before implementation

Introducing Draw mode in WireframePro

WireframePro is your digital whiteboard to brainstorm your user interface concepts. In addition to its huge collection of UI packs and components, we are now excited to introduce "Draw mode" in WireframePro which helps to express your UI thoughts as freely as drawing in a real whiteboard.

"Draw Mode" comes with eraser, marker mode and adjustable sketch thickness. Draw Mode helps to annotate, draw quirky UI representations and collaborate.

StyleGuide update: Sidebar feature and new themes

MockFlow StyleGuide is the easiest way to create beautiful design specifications. The latest release includes the following major updates along with several bug fixes.

Sidebar As long styleguides become difficult to navigate based on content, The new integrated sidebar helps users to easily goto the preferred StyleGuide block immediately

New Themes Two new themes have been also included in this release bringing the total number to 9. The appearance of a StyleGuide can be fully changed just by switching themes. Impress your clients and showcase your brand's identity without much effort!

New! Trello Power-Ups for AnnotatePro and SiteMap

In our continuing mission to bring MockFlow apps inside industry-leading business platforms, today we are happy to release AnnotatePro and SiteMap Power-Ups for Trello.

With the help of these integrations, users can now annotate images and draw sitemaps without leaving their Trello app and also attach the exported image directly to their Trello cards. This simplifies design workflow and helps to enhance their visual collaboration in Trello.

Both these Trello Power-Ups can be installed from the following links:

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