New: WireframePro add-in for Microsoft Office

We are excited to release the new WireframePro add-in for Microsoft Office 365. It is compatible with Microsoft Word and Microsoft OneNote products.

The add-in enhances the capability of the Office products, by allowing users to quickly illustrate UI ideas and attach it, all inside their Office apps.

Click here to find more details of this Office add-in

AnnotatePro ❤️ Slack: Now annotate images within Slack

We are happy to introduce AnnotatePro integration with Slack. Now increase your visual communication in Slack with this integration by annotating images and sharing instantly in your Slack channel.

Get your Slack app here

After installation, Type /annotatepro [name] to launch the AnnotatePro editor and after illustrating click on the 'Post to Slack' button to send the final image directly back to your Slack channel

New components galore at MockFlow WireframePro

The latest release of MockFlow WireframePro provides new UI packs along with several new components such as iPhone X Shell, emojis, file types ....

This release includes:

1) Flowchart UI pack

2) Bootstrap 4 UI pack

3) CRM components web pack

4) ECommerce components web pack

5) Emoji UI pack

6) File types UI pack

7) iPhone X shell component

Introducing 'MockFlow Enterprise' edition

Our pricing plans has been expanded from Basic, Premium and TeamPack. It now includes a new plan specifically tailored for large businesses, called as 'MockFlow Enterprise' edition. The main feature of this edition is that there is no per-user or per-project charges. A single pricing for your entire business.

Enterprise edition features:

  • Integrations with business apps - Slack,Trello,GSuite,Office365
  • Unlimited users for a single price - no more per-user license headaches
  • A full UX design platform that includes wireframing, sitemap, styleguide,annotatepro and more...
  • 256-bit Encryption with security audits and multi-point data backups
  • Unlimited support tickets with 24/7 dedicated support

New Release: WireframePro add-in for Atlassian JIRA

Following up the release of WireframePro add-in for Atlassian Confluence, we are now happy to release a special add-in for Atlassian JIRA. Atlassian JIRA is one of the most popular project management tools for software development. With this WireframePro add-in, users can draw and attach UI designs to their tasks in JIRA without leaving the tool.

Get the add-in from Atlassian Marketplace.

Note: This add-in requires a separate license and it is only available with your Atlassian cloud instance.

New Release: WireframePro add-in for Atlassian Confluence

One of the objectives of WireframePro is for users to brainstorm user interfaces anywhere and everywhere. Based on this, we released a premium set of integrations for popular software such as Slack, Trello, GSuite etc... to allow users to wireframe and share within the software they daily use. Now following this roadmap, we are happy to announce the release of WireframePro add-in for Atlassian Confluence.

Confluence is one of the leaders in the market for document collaboration. The WireframePro add-in enhances its features by allowing users to open wireframe editor within their document and embed the wireframe in their wiki without ever leaving their Confluence app.

It is now available at Atlassian Marketplace

Note: This add-in requires a separate license and it is only available with your Atlassian Cloud instance.

WireframePro: New UI pack for creating wireframes with Hand-drawn look

We are super-excited to release yet another UI pack for WireframePro app. This update brings a new set of wireframe components that provides a 'hand-drawn' look. Wireframes drawn using this pack, will give an impression to the viewer as though it was drawn with sketch on a whiteboard. There are already around 40 meticulously crafted hand-drawn components with more on the way soon.

WireframePro: New UI pack for Salesforce Lightning Design System provides UI library called "Lightning Design System" for developing enterprise apps on its platform. WireframePro now includes a mockup UI pack with over 50 ready made components for wireframing user interfaces of enterprise applications with native Salesforce design.

Dashboard update: New project sidebar and Multi-user sharing

Today's update brings 2 major changes to project dashboard in all MockFlow apps with new sidebar and multi-user sharing.

New sidebar The project sidebar has undergone a modern redesign with a clean look and feel. It is also now easy to organize projects with labels, add members and perform operations like copy, rename, delete etc;.

Multi-user sharing With this feature, a project can be now shared with multiple users in a single action. Simply enter or select multiple users, set permission type and hit 'Share', Instead of repeating the same process for each user.

New Release: WireframePro Power-Up for Trello

WireframePro makes drawing user interface mockups easy and collaborative. Since brainstorming UI designs is a team effort, its benefits are vastly enhanced when integrated within leading productivity platforms like Trello.

If you are a Trello user, With the WireframePro Power-Up, You can quickly turn your UI ideas into designs without ever leaving your Trello board.

Get the Trello Power-Up here

Enabling the WireframePro Power-Up for Trello

  1. Login to your Trello account. Open a board and click Show Menu in the top-right corner of the screen

  2. Click on Power-Ups button, to list all the Power-Ups available for Trello

  3. Now find the WireframePro Power-Up in this list and click the 'Enable' button next to the Power-Up item.

  4. After enabling, a green checkbox will appear next to the WireframePro Power-Up listing which indicates that it is added to your board

  5. Also you can verify, if it is enabled, as a 'WireframePro' button will appear when you open any Trello card in that board

Draw User Interface designs

To draw UI designs with the WireframePro Power-Up, you should have a MockFlow account. In case you don't have, the Power-Up allows you to create a new account with 14-day Free Trial (no credit card required)

  1. Open any Trello card, click the 'WireframePro' button that appears on the right side

  2. This will bring in a login / register form popup if not already logged in

  3. You need to authorize and connect your Trello account with WireframePro initially. This is a must to enable WireframePro with permissions to access and attach designs to your Trello card

  4. After login, it will open the WireframePro dashboard, which will provide options to create a new wireframe or open existing projects.

  5. To create a new wireframe, select the type (Web, iPhone, Android....) and enter name for the wireframe

  6. Now the wireframe editor will display. Here you can draw your UI design using the components listed on the left side

  7. After the design is done, click the 'Attach to card' button in the upper-left part of the screen to export wireframe to high-quality image and automatically attach it to your Trello card

Accessing MockStore

See the below picture on how to open MockStore from the wireframe editor. The MockStore allows you to get inspired, edit and attach from thousands of UI designs submitted by our active user community

Get the Trello Power-Up here

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