MockFlow updates
MockFlow updates

New: A unified sidebar for all your product design needs





It is known MockFlow offers the best way to manage your product design process with design spaces, by bringing tools, teams and files together. In this release, we have focussed on improving the "add" part of the product design.

Currently inside a design space, there are dedicated dialogs for adding each type of content into a space. Although it serves its purpose, there is no standard styling across the dialogs and it is difficult to access a particular dialog for adding content. With this new release, we are happy to announce the availability of a single "Create" button and a unified sidebar for adding almost anytype of content into a space.

As shown in the picture above, the new create sidebar intuitively lists the actions for easy access. All create actions can be now performed without leaving the sidebar. Whether it is creating new UI drawings, adding new powerups, uploading design files or embedding cloud projects, the sidebar provides everything for your product design process.

Placeholder UI packs for Images and Logos are now available





At MockFlow our mission is to make UI design fast, fun and easy. In keeping with these lines, we are pleased to announce the release of two new UI packs to address one of the core areas of wireframing which are "Placeholders".

Image placeholders

This UI pack contains commonly used image placeholders for many purposes like profile pic, hero image, grid and more.

Logo placeholders

Thanks to LogoIspum service, this UI pack contains a variety of generic logos in different patterns like monochrome logos, logo text, icons and 3D logo designs.

Hope these UI packs help to visualize your ideas even more faster by spending less time on searching and more time on iterating.

Happy Wireframing!

UI Pack for iPadOS 16 has been released





In follow-up to our iOS 16 UI pack for iPhone, we are pleased to announce the exclusive release of wireframe components for the latest iPad OS. Although the styling is same, there are many layout and interface changes when comparing iPad OS with iPhone.

It comes with nearly hundred components in the following categories:

  • Frames
  • StatusBar
  • Navigation
  • Keyboard
  • Buttons
  • Icons
  • Memoji
  • Alert
  • Form
  • Popup
  • Widgets
  • Tooltips
  • Notification elements
  • UI Screens

It is now available in MockStore. Install now.

Introducing Component level themes in MockFlow





We all know MockFlow offers a huge library of UI packs for almost every UI framework, industry and use case out there. Today's release goes one step further as we introduce component level themes.

What are component level themes?

Themes that are component specific and apply styles only to the selected component. With component level themes, you can easily change its appearance by applying a theme from its list as shown above. Current support includes button, text, shapes, charts and grids.

Benefits of component level themes

  • Easy switching of component styles
  • Includes popular themes like outline, dark, light, gradient
  • Has advanced options like background patterns and complex shadows
  • Avoids opening of UI packs for common themes like primary, disabled buttons

In the coming weeks, themes will be supported in more components and also will see in increase in theme options.

iOS 16 UI pack for iPhone is now available in MockFlow





The next generation of iOS - version 16 was recently announced in Apple WWDC 2022 conference held in June. The latest update brings many UI improvements and features like improved widgets, customizable lock screens, focus mode and much more. Whether you are developing a new iPhone app from scratch or have an existing iOS app, it's the best time to start thinking design in terms of iOS16.

At MockFlow, we are glad to introduce a new UI pack for iPhone iOS 16. Start brainstorming your UI ideas with iOS16 components right now. The UI pack has over 190 components that includes primary elements like buttons, forms, icons to full fledged screens.

In a separate release, we will be releasing iOS16 versions of iPad and CarPlay.


Think UI. Think MockFlow. Brainstorm your iPhone app UI at the speed of thought 🚀.

For more details and using the UI pack, click here .

Build your Customer Journey Map inside MockFlow!




Screenshot 2022-04-13 at 7.45.06 AM.png

Create beautiful Customer Journey maps within minutes using this powerful CJM power-up, to visually represent the stages customers go through when interacting with a company or product, or UI.

CJM is an essential piece of your Product design as it helps to identify the different points of contact with a brand or company, and the interactions that exist along the customer journey.

It helps with the following use cases:

  • Identify pain points and barriers that prevent users from reaching their goals

  • See how users interact with your company’s website, apps or services at every stage of their experience

  • Improve your UX

  • Understand what parts of your product/service are confusing for users and need further explanation/optimization

With our new power-up, you can now create these CJMs with little/no design effort.


Here are the main feature highlights :

When creating a customer journey map, you have two options: starting from scratch or using a template.

  1. Adding stages and sections is a simple process - just click and go! Think about the various stages your customer journey encompasses, and then add them as stages in your map. Once you have the basics down, you can add more detailed information to each stage by creating sections.

  2. Icon Libraries - CJM doesn't have to be boring! Spice it up with some fun icons from the built-in library. You can color and resize them to fit your specific theme.

  3. Experience graphs are an essential component inside a CJM. Add these with ease using the graph section type and use icons/labels to add more meaning

  4. Use the image section type to break up the text and add visual interest by including illustrations or any other related images.

You can change the color of the stage and section headers to create a customized look. The text color is also automatically updated to make it easier to read.

Once you're done, you can pin it to the design space to share it within the team or export it as an image or csv for using it elsewhere as in your reports or proposals. Check out these sample CJMs created with MockFlow CJM builder power-up and get started

To install this powerup in your MockFlow account, click here.

Create UI instructional guides in a snap with Step Guide Creator!





Creating an engaging, professional looking, and easy-to-follow step guide to explain your UI is a crucial part of any product design process.

You can create guides that easily walk other people through a process, whether it’s UI flow, function or feature with MockFlow’s Step-Guide creator.

Here are the top reasons why you should use the Step-Guide Creator:

  • To create a helpful and brief UI guide, you'll need to provide different types of steps. These could be text-based, image-based, video-based, or even embedding cloud content. By providing this variety of content, your readers will be able to follow along with your instructions more easily.


  • When you choose the step type as image, you have the option to annotate the image without leaving the creator. Add shapes, text effects, and cool stickers to help your stakeholder understand your instructions better


  • Now more than ever, embedding rich media is essential to creating an effective step guide. Adding loom videos, MockFlow wireframes, Figma files and more with the embed option will make your step guide more engaging and informative.

  • When you're finished creating your content, you can export it as a PDF, Helpscout, Zendesk, or FreshDesk code to import directly into your support portals.


  • Or, you can create a public link and share it with anyone.

In addition to the powerup edition. it is also available as a free public editor at this link. If you find it useful, please feel free to share the link with them. We created it as a way of giving back to the community. Thank you for using it!

Here are example stepguides created using this editor:

MockFlow partners with Mobile UX London

Twitter_posts (1).gif


An engaging and fun platform to showcase your talent and get rewarded for it.

We know you are passionate about designs. It's time you show your best designs made with MockFlow to the world and win a free pass to Mobile UX London's 4th edition of Festival of UX and Design and a free subscription to this amazing tool (MockFlow) you love so much.

About the event

Mobile UX London (MUXL) - 4th Festival of UX & Design, 21st-25th of March 2022!

Following the success of previous editions, this five days online event will consist of 20+ renowned speakers, live panels Q&A, interactive workshops as well as networking opportunities to

connect with up to 800 UX experts globally, and all available straight from your home!

You will hear from industry experts working at Google, Microsoft, Multiverse, IBM, and more.

The festival will cover topics such as Human-Centred Design, Service Designing the Future, Design Systems, and UX Psychology.

To know more, visit this link.

How to Participate in #madewithmockflow

Choose a design that you have already created using MockFlow or make a new one.

Upload it on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram

In the caption, mention two features of MockFlow you love the most.

Tag our page and use the hashtag #madewithmockflow. Add your project public URL in the comments (of your post).


1st: 1 free Pass and six months Free subscription of MockFlow

2nd: 1 free Pass and three months Free subscription of MockFlow

3rd: 1 free Pass and 1-month Free subscription of MockFlow

Winning Criteria

Posts with a maximum number of shares, comments, and likes win the prize.

(Basic evaluation will be done by the MockFlow design team first.)

Terms and Conditions

Submissions are open only until March 16.

Designs must be made with MockFlow.

The caption must mention the two most loved features of MockFlow.

Add your project public URL in the comments (of your post).

The free subscription offer is valid only for users who does not already have a paid membership with MockFlow.

Time to save your development time - with our new UI builders!




UI Builder Power-up.png

When starting any new web project, the most time-consuming part is building the initial layout. What if you could skip through the hassle of starting from scratch on your next project?

That’s exactly what our new release is all about. With the UI Builder power-up, you can now jumpstart your UI development by creating the boilerplate with a simple block stacking interface, just like building with lego blocks. You can choose between Bootstrap and the Tailwind library for building your UI.  We have quite a few layouts of the different sections like header, hero, features, pricing, etc (and many more) for you to choose from. Just choose the style for each section and add the blocks and your boilerplate is ready!

You can now export the HTML and CSS for the created layout and start editing only the content and the images to have the website ready.  Or, you can save this layout as a wireframe to have it as a base/ template for your further edits and pass the wireframe to the developer once you are done with the design.

Here is a short walkthrough for our UI builders and how you can use them!

  • Choose the Bootstrap5 UI builder or the Tailwind3 UI builder from the Add Pinned Powerups section inside your Design space.


  • Click on ‘Add Block’ to view the available blocks - The sections are listed on the left and when you click on each section, the available layouts of that section will be displayed and you can choose the one that fits your design.

Your On.gif

  • You can easily change the layout of a page by stacking blocks in different ways. Experiment with different block layouts to see which looks best.


  • You can create multiple pages in the same manner and check for their responsiveness by switching between desktop, tab and mobile views.

Add a subheading.gif

Click on export to download the code or save as wireframe to edit further.

Well, that’s not all. You can create your own custom blocks with our in-built editor that has an instant preview option and a code validator. You can create and share components within your team making collaboration even better between developers & designers.

If you liked this power-up, you can invite your friends outside MockFlow too to try it free with the public version (with a few limitations).

Public editors

Now On-board designs and UI for your stakeholders




Screenshot 2022-02-14 at 1.51.48 PM.png

Product tours are the go-to option today for step-by-step guidance for taking the user through the product. This made us think, why not create a tour of your product at the design stage itself?  The goal of a design tour is to provide a more in-depth look at the UI and its functions. Design tours can be used as a way to show off designs, but they also have other uses.

Design tours are an innovative new way for designers to share their work with others without having to go through lengthy explanations or descriptions. The interactive aspect provides viewers with the ability to see what the designer has envisioned from start to finish, giving them a better understanding of how it works and can be a brilliant alternative to sharing only the design over emails or links.

And, MockFlow makes it super-easy to create these design tours with the new Design Onboard power-up!

1. Create steps with point and click

Just import the design - either as a wireframe from the UI drawing project or an exported image of your design from elsewhere and start adding your steps.


2. View all steps and edit, reorder and reposition the step indicator at any time


3. Preview your tour before sharing and make any refinements.


4. Share the tour! Pin the design tour to your design space, if your team members are already on board. Or create a public URL and share it with anyone.


Isn’t that cool? Say goodbye to phone calls and meetings to explain your designs over and over again, Use design tours instead!

Install this powerup from MockStore