New Enterprise plan feature: Data migration between accounts


Although no official announcements were posted in the past 1 month, a number of updates have been made to MockFlow which includes re-designed account settings, performance enhancements to many apps and new integrations for SiteMap and AnnotatePro apart from various other minor improvements.

We are also working hard to bring in new features specifically for our Enterprise customers. As a result of which we are happy to announce today the release of "Data Migration option" for Enterprise plan.

Data Migration : Using the license manager, the administrator can now transfer / merge all MockFlow account data from 1 account to another user account in a secure way. This is useful in situations such as when an employee is leaving a company / change in company domain / team restructuring.

Announcing WireframePro integration within other MockFlow apps

Screenshot 2018-03-05 15.13.52.png

WireframePro is already integrated with several popular external apps such as Trello, Slack, Office365, Atlassian, Chrome... This time, we have made this integration internally to bring WireframePro editor within other MockFlow apps. This helps to provide a smooth UX design workflow by cutting down un-necessary steps.

WireframePro is now available with the following MockFlow apps

  • SiteMap
  • StyleGuide
  • DesignCollab

Example workflows:

SiteMap: Represent your UI design in SiteMap nodes by attaching your wireframes directly to it.

StyleGuide: Create, add your UI components and mockup interfaces to your design guidelines without leaving your StyleGuide app

DesignCollab: Add different variations of UI wireframes to help reviewers decide and approve the best interface idea.

Note: WireframePro for WebsitePro will be also released this month which will help project managers and designers brainstorm their design right before implementation

Introducing Draw mode in WireframePro

WireframePro is your digital whiteboard to brainstorm your user interface concepts. In addition to its huge collection of UI packs and components, we are now excited to introduce "Draw mode" in WireframePro which helps to express your UI thoughts as freely as drawing in a real whiteboard.

"Draw Mode" comes with eraser, marker mode and adjustable sketch thickness. Draw Mode helps to annotate, draw quirky UI representations and collaborate.

StyleGuide update: Sidebar feature and new themes

MockFlow StyleGuide is the easiest way to create beautiful design specifications. The latest release includes the following major updates along with several bug fixes.

Sidebar As long styleguides become difficult to navigate based on content, The new integrated sidebar helps users to easily goto the preferred StyleGuide block immediately

New Themes Two new themes have been also included in this release bringing the total number to 9. The appearance of a StyleGuide can be fully changed just by switching themes. Impress your clients and showcase your brand's identity without much effort!

New! Trello Power-Ups for AnnotatePro and SiteMap

In our continuing mission to bring MockFlow apps inside industry-leading business platforms, today we are happy to release AnnotatePro and SiteMap Power-Ups for Trello.

With the help of these integrations, users can now annotate images and draw sitemaps without leaving their Trello app and also attach the exported image directly to their Trello cards. This simplifies design workflow and helps to enhance their visual collaboration in Trello.

Both these Trello Power-Ups can be installed from the following links:

MockStore 2.0 - Introducing the redesigned template store for WireframePro

MockStore is an integrated template store within the WireframePro editor which enables users to share their wireframes with the community or import from thousands of pre-built mockup templates into their design. Today we are proudly releasing MockStore 2.0, a fully redesigned and improved version over its predecessor.

Some important points of MockStore 2.0:

  • New Look : The new design of Mockstore 2.0 provides a more app-store like approach to its layout by placing featured templates and UI packs at the top and removing the sidebar. The end-result creates a more spacious and visual interface.

  • UI Packs : In addition to Templates, we are now introducing "UI Packs" in MockStore. "UI Packs" are components libraries which when installed , it will appear in the user's component pack listing. They are like any other component packs (such as Android, iOS, Bootstrap) except they can be created within the wireframe editor and submitted to the MockStore. There are already more than 10 UI packs available such as "Color picker components", "Payment forms", "VR UI elements" ... UI packs provide a huge opportunity for designers to easily kickstart their design with minimal work. Hope you get the idea!

New: WireframePro add-in for Microsoft Office

We are excited to release the new WireframePro add-in for Microsoft Office 365. It is compatible with Microsoft Word and Microsoft OneNote products.

The add-in enhances the capability of the Office products, by allowing users to quickly illustrate UI ideas and attach it, all inside their Office apps.

Click here to find more details of this Office add-in

AnnotatePro ❤️ Slack: Now annotate images within Slack

We are happy to introduce AnnotatePro integration with Slack. Now increase your visual communication in Slack with this integration by annotating images and sharing instantly in your Slack channel.

Get your Slack app here

After installation, Type /annotatepro [name] to launch the AnnotatePro editor and after illustrating click on the 'Post to Slack' button to send the final image directly back to your Slack channel

New components galore at MockFlow WireframePro

The latest release of MockFlow WireframePro provides new UI packs along with several new components such as iPhone X Shell, emojis, file types ....

This release includes:

1) Flowchart UI pack

2) Bootstrap 4 UI pack

3) CRM components web pack

4) ECommerce components web pack

5) Emoji UI pack

6) File types UI pack

7) iPhone X shell component

Introducing 'MockFlow Enterprise' edition

Our pricing plans has been expanded from Basic, Premium and TeamPack. It now includes a new plan specifically tailored for large businesses, called as 'MockFlow Enterprise' edition. The main feature of this edition is that there is no per-user or per-project charges. A single pricing for your entire business.

Enterprise edition features:

  • Integrations with business apps - Slack,Trello,GSuite,Office365
  • Unlimited users for a single price - no more per-user license headaches
  • A full UX design platform that includes wireframing, sitemap, styleguide,annotatepro and more...
  • 256-bit Encryption with security audits and multi-point data backups
  • Unlimited support tickets with 24/7 dedicated support

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