12 Sep 2023

Introducing "AI Co-pilot" for brainstorming UI

Introducing "AI Co-pilot" for brainstorming UI

Nowadays AI is not just a buzzword but an invaluable tool that has become part of our tools we use. Following our release last month to generate sitemaps using AI with just a prompt , we are now happy to bring AI for brainstorming UI. Introducing "AI Co-pilot" for MockFlow WireframePro. AI Co-pilot is a suite of generative AI tools and wizards to assist you in brainstorming interfaces. As of now it includes the following tools:

Generate Text


Generate text for any UI with just a simple prompt. Enter a prompt like "write a tagline for our ecommerce site.", the AI will automatically generate a text. You can also specify the length of the text and the text style tone like from being professional to downright casual. Next time replace your mockup text or redacted font with generative text for high fidelity wireframes.

Generate Images

D85a9a0ab668e4de4d0f146c6a835083e (1).png

Produce images for your wireframes based on a given prompt, and choose a suitable style for the resulting images. When it comes to generating the images, the more specific and detailed the prompt is, the higher quality the generated image will be.

Generate Data tables


WireframePro provides native datagrid components for wireframing. Using AI Co-Pilot you can now fill data for tables in just a click. It is useful when designing e-commerce products, data related applications and any app that involves data listing.

Besides the above tools, AI Co-Pilot also includes "Generate BYOC" for generating BYOC (or code based components) with AI from prompt. Like "Create a button bar for business website", "Feature grid for homepage"...

It also brings "Generate from Wizard" tool to produce custom templates for brainstorming in a flash.

All these tools are available for all plans, Open your wireframepro app and explore now.