5 Oct 2023

Introducing our new app - "MockFlow Designer" for designing graphics

Introducing our new app - "MockFlow Designer" for designing graphics
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Launching our new app called "MockFlow Designer" to quickly create graphics for blog images, website assets, social media graphics, static ads, and more...

Note: ☝️ We created the above changelog hero image using "MockFlow Designer"

MockFlow is widely known and associated with its easy-to-use wireframing tool. Over the years, we learned from our customers that they use MockFlow not just for brainstorming but also for creating high-fidelity graphics by using its large set of UI packs, illustrations, and icons. Adding graphic design capabilities feels like a perfectly fitting extension within the domain of product design.

Today, we are excited to launch a specialized version of our wireframing software geared just toward creating graphics. This means it has all the collaboration features like chat, feedback, sharing, no-doc overhead, revision history, multi-page support, and AI tools already incorporated into the designer tool. However, many specific changes were also made to make Designer one of the fastest and most flexible tools to help non-designers create graphics.

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Template Store

A fast-growing library of templates is available for various purposes like social media, ads, blogs, and more. In Designer, you can apply and switch between templates almost instantly.

Designer-friendly component packs

A "Designer" exclusive pack is available with various components that are frequently used in designing graphics. More designer-focused packs will be available shortly with specific purposes, just like UI packs in Wireframepro.

Editor UI

The UI has been modified with a centered canvas and easy access to graphic components such as illustrations and icons.

Retina-ready export

Any graphics exported from the designer can be configured for retina-ready resolution, which is 2x of its original size.

Desktop app support

Designer is also available as part of our MockFlow Desktop app. It is more convenient with system-level windows, native top menus, and OS-friendly shortcuts.

As already mentioned, since it is a fork of our wireframing tool, it includes access to

  1. Third-party image libraries like Unsplash
  2. Ability to import from External cloud drives like Dropbox, Gdrive
  3. AI tools to generate messaging for graphics, generated images, color palettes
  4. Top-notch collaboration

Coming soon: "MockFlow Designer" will be available as a fully offline desktop-based app for Mac and Windows. Like Adobe Photoshop, you can save your designer (*.dsgn) files on your storage for compliance and security.

This is just the first iteration of MockFlow Designer to bridge the gap between product design and brainstorming. More new features are on the way. And as usual, your feedback matters most. Keep your suggestions rolling in!