6 Feb 2023

New Powerup: Generate text content for your wireframes with AI

AI is the buzzword nowadays, Thanks to innovations like OpenAI, now generating content is fast and more meaningful. Leveraging these modals, the new AI Text powerup for MockFlow, can now generate text for your wireframes with just a prompt.

Simply say "Write a tagline for our shoe store" and AI will generate a fancy headline for your UI design. From simple taglines to long descriptions, the AI text powerup will help you speed up your wireframe process.

Since wireframes are the pre-cursor to your actual UI designs, it is important that wireframes have real text as the design arrives to the expected level. At MockFlow we value saving time, Whether it is kickstarting your new wireframe with wizards, or generating text content in a click.

Note: AI as good as it sounds, it also incurs costs. So we have a generous credit system called "AI credits" to use this powerup. There are 20 AI credits per user per day for Wireframing plan. And 30 AI credits per user per day for ProductDesign. The credits reset each day and cannot be shared or carried forward.

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