6 Feb 2024

Not just Sketchy wireframes, now draw sketchy UI flows, flow charts and diagrams

MockFlow now offers full support for drawing UI flows, flow charts and diagrams in sketchy format with a hand-drawn look and feel just like our UI wireframes.

MockFlow is all about bringing your ideas to the digital realm. Ideas in its original form, are usually rough, incomplete with lots of open-ended questions. However ideas are the core of your next product, upcoming major release. It is important for product managers, CEOs, CTOs to bring these ideas to the table in a format that can be easily conveyed, collaborated and worked upon with their team. At the same time it is important to represent the diagrams as though it was sketched on a piece of paper to make sure it visualizes only the idea stage.

In this latest release, we are excited to provide full support for drawing sketchy diagrams and UI flows. Just like wireframes, simply select the sketchy Flow pack and also enable sketchy drawing for connectors. Note: Connector animations and all other aspects still work in sketchy format.

The above features is available in all plans including Free.

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