MockFlow updates
MockFlow updates

Bringing centralised Two-Factor Authentication for teams






In order to meet enterprise standards for security compliance, MockFlow now brings Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) feature for teams to secure their login. 2FA as the name suggests is essentially a two step verification process during account login. When 2FA is enabled, in addition to the regular login (through direct credentials/Google Login/SSO), a verification dialog will appear asking for a 6-digit login code. This login code is sent to the user's email address.

The idea behind 2FA is that even when user's login credentials are compromised, the extra verification step will prevent un-authorized bots and users from accessing account.

2FA can be enabled for all MockFlow apps which includes web app, desktop apps for mac and windows and also integration apps.

Also 2FA can be centrally managed for all team members from admin dashboard by the license administrator. Two-Factor Authentication feature is available only for TeamPack yearly and Enterprise plans. For more details on MockFlow's security procedures and features visit this link.