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Build your Customer Journey Map inside MockFlow!




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Create beautiful Customer Journey maps within minutes using this powerful CJM power-up, to visually represent the stages customers go through when interacting with a company or product, or UI.

CJM is an essential piece of your Product design as it helps to identify the different points of contact with a brand or company, and the interactions that exist along the customer journey.

It helps with the following use cases:

  • Identify pain points and barriers that prevent users from reaching their goals

  • See how users interact with your company’s website, apps or services at every stage of their experience

  • Improve your UX

  • Understand what parts of your product/service are confusing for users and need further explanation/optimization

With our new power-up, you can now create these CJMs with little/no design effort.


Here are the main feature highlights :

When creating a customer journey map, you have two options: starting from scratch or using a template.

  1. Adding stages and sections is a simple process - just click and go! Think about the various stages your customer journey encompasses, and then add them as stages in your map. Once you have the basics down, you can add more detailed information to each stage by creating sections.

  2. Icon Libraries - CJM doesn't have to be boring! Spice it up with some fun icons from the built-in library. You can color and resize them to fit your specific theme.

  3. Experience graphs are an essential component inside a CJM. Add these with ease using the graph section type and use icons/labels to add more meaning

  4. Use the image section type to break up the text and add visual interest by including illustrations or any other related images.

You can change the color of the stage and section headers to create a customized look. The text color is also automatically updated to make it easier to read.

Once you're done, you can pin it to the design space to share it within the team or export it as an image or csv for using it elsewhere as in your reports or proposals. Check out these sample CJMs created with MockFlow CJM builder power-up and get started

To install this powerup in your MockFlow account, click here.