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MockFlow updates

Get UI design approvals within WireframePro


Designs are always subjective and evolves best when there is feedback. Lets for example take a designer wireframing a "signup page" for a business app. The designer will typically create different variations of the signup page and submit it to stakeholders for review. This whole process is cumbersome and undocumented when done via chat or email. Here is where this powerup steps-in, as it streamlines the entire design review process in a visual way and all without leaving the editor.

  1. Upload design variations - 2. Receive feedback - 3. Get the best design approved.

The Approvals powerup helps to make UI decisions faster by improving the review process. Create boards for each design item like logos, background, UI layout…, upload design variations to the boards and then get feedback from project members. Based on review, upload new variations and get approvals.

  • Organize design items into boards
  • Compare variations with different modes - side-by-side, overlay and diff
  • Annotated comments that can be pointed in the design
  • Different approval stamps like Approved, Rejected, Needs work…
  • Upload custom images or directly add UI drawings from wireframepro
  • Export all approved design items in a single PDF for documentation

For more details and installation, visit this link.