20 Jan 2022

Introducing in-frame collaboration of video assets

Introducing in-frame collaboration of video assets

We released the inline comments feature for image files a couple of weeks ago and now it is available for video files too!

When it comes to UI design, video assets are inevitable as your website's home page video or short animation videos. Just like logos and other graphic assets, video assets also need to be reviewed, points discussed and reworked on before they are approved.

Collaborating on video assets comes with its own set of challenges.The large file size is just one of them. Getting your team to sync on the review with feedbacks on different aspects and scenes of the video is the real challenge. And when there are more members on the team, it just adds up to chaos.

It can be hard to comprehend the comments to the exact the time frame in the video. And when there are multiple comments from different team members referencing to different frames of the video, it can add up to the confusion. Sending back and forth emails or messages can bring down the productivity of the entire collaboration process.

You can now count on MockFlow design files to ease this task. Uploading your video asset to the project design space is the first step and all your team members are notified and can instantly access and view it.

With the inline comments for video, now you can go to comments view and:

  • Frame based comments: If you are a reviewer, add comments as you watch the video - don’t bother to note down the time, MockFlow does it for you.

  • Real-time discussions: View the comments added by your team members in an overview with the timestamps on the sidebar. Click on one to start a thread. Collaborate real time!

  • Auto-view comments as video plays: Just play the video to view the comments added - comment indicators on the track bar` and the full comments on the sidebar - allow you to go with the flow.