Introducing: Mobile web app for WireframePro

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Collaboration is key to brainstorming UI ideas. For better and faster decisions on creating user interfaces, stakeholders should be able to collaborate easily and seamlessly irrespective of their platform, device or the tool they use.

We at MockFlow aim to provide a full 360 degrees collaboration environment for UI. Which is why apart from our web and desktop apps, MockFlow integrates deeply into flagship business software like Slack, Trello, Office…

As part of this approach, It is now time to make MockFlow available for mobile devices. We are thrilled to release our official mobile web application for WireframePro. Listed below are the main features of this mobile app.

  • Opening any WireframePro link in a mobile device will automatically switch to a touch friendly interface
  • Use mobile app to interact and review wireframes, view notifications and make comments
  • Preview WireframePro mockups in mobile devices from your desktop app easily using QR code
  • The dashboard and viewer has been redesigned for touch in a responsive way whether it is tablets or phones

This release can be considered as our first step towards providing a fully touch based editing and collaboration experience. More coming soon…

Open in any mobile device. Tested in iOS and Android.

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