Introducing "Page blocks" in Sitemap nodes


MockFlow SiteMap - Software for quickly creating visually appealing outline structures for websites and apps has now got its long deserving big update with the introduction of "Page blocks" for sitemap nodes.

"Page block" helps to provide a drill-down view of a node in just a glance. Let us assume we are creating a SiteMap for a business website with pages for homepage, products, about us and contact.

In addition to creating this website structure, page blocks allow users to create distinguishable blocks inside each page that appears within the nodes.

For example: Homepage will have header,main banner, customers and footer blocks. About us page can have header, team, company timeline and award blocks.

With this feature, SiteMap now provides a comprehensive solution for users to model their Information Architecture (IA) for websites and apps. It is now available for immediate use at

Sample: View example sitemap using blocks