MockFlow updates
MockFlow updates

Launching In-image discussions for design files




Screenshot 2021-12-09 at 11.52.19 AM.png

Collaborating on creatives form one of the key steps in designing a product. This is where design files in MockFlow helps by centralizing important assets, iterating designs with versions and getting approvals. Today's big update for image files brings one more important feature which streamlines asset discussions with your team or clients.

Now add live in-image feedback and discuss with threads right on top of the image. Bring location and personality to your discussions using comment mode for Images. With user-profile based comment markers, get context of the area referred to and also the person who started the discussion. Everything is real-time so the whole user-experience of in-image discussion mimics an in-person meeting, which is great for remote collaboration.

Screenshot 2021-12-09 at 12.33.01 PM.png

Here are the highlights:

  • Comments are unobtrusive as they are shown only in comment mode
  • Notifications are sent to collaborators via browser, email and in-app
  • Each version in a design file have their own comments
  • Bubble indicators in markers show the number of comments in each thread
  • Markers can be moved and placed in a different location

Turn good design into great design with contextual discussions.

This feature is available only for image file formats now. However it will be soon available for videos too.