18 Jan 2023

Launching Wizard for your UI ideas

Launching Wizard for your UI ideas

MockFlow's wireframe editor is made for project managers, program managers, developers who want to bring out their UI ideas in a digital way without a learning curve. Which is why when compared to other tools, users find MockFlow simple to use, fun and having an hands-on approach to drawing UI.

Today's release makes it one step more easy with the introduction of the new "Wireframe Wizard". With this wizard, you don't even require an idea to start with, as you can simply build your page with pre-created UI blocks just like building a lego. And it does not end here, there are three types of wizards to choose from - Bootstrap styling, Tailwind UI and AMP email layouts.

Simply select the wizard, add the blocks for your page, and hit 'Save as wireframe' button. You can always edit and customize the saved pages with the wireframe editor.

Wireframe Wizard is free for all users. Now create a wireframe in seconds and share your ideas.


Wizard can be accessed when creating a new wireframe project from your design space. It is also available from the top menu inside the wireframe editor or pages sidebar.

Happy Wireframing!