New! HD Video conferencing and Remote UI Presentations


Collaboration is key to brainstorming user interfaces efficiently. And WireframePro always helped teams to achieve this with sharing, annotated comments and real-time editing. Now we are very excited to take collaboration to a whole new level by releasing the following major features which are exclusive to TeamPack plan.

HD Video Conferencing:

Using a small video icon shown in the bottom-left corner of the sidebar, teams can now activate Video conferencing with fellow project members instantly. With this feature members can communicate with the entire team face-to-face / audio only. Also they can use the text-chat for referencing links and ideas.

Remote UI Presentation:

This is part of the communication feature suite. In video conference mode, any member can conduct remote UI presentations with their team. Conduct meetings, explain walkthroughs, delegate tasks and discuss improvements by activating presenter role at the click of a button.