MockFlow updates
MockFlow updates

New! MockFlow app for Microsoft Teams

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We are excited to announce the availability of MockFlow WireframePro app for Microsoft Teams. Like Slack, Microsoft Teams is a fast growing communication software used as a hub for teams to conduct meetings, chat and for content collaboration.

By making MockFlow available within the Microsoft Teams interface, it provides a seemless way for collaborating on UI designs. The app allows you to create and embed UI projects as tabs within Microsoft Team channels, export created UI drawings to any chat and also permits to use MockFlow as a personal app inside Microsoft Teams for creating wireframes.

Once a MockFlow project is pinned to a Teams channel, the project is auto-shared and visible to all members of the channel when they login and access the tab. MockFlow for Microsoft Teams is available for all plans, however a TeamPack license is recommended for accessing all its collaboration features.

For more information and installing the app visit

Here is a video demo