MockFlow updates
MockFlow updates

New! MockFlow plugin for Adobe Photoshop - collaborate on product assets




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We are happy to announce our new MockFlow plugin for Adobe Photoshop. It has been approved by the Adobe Team and is now available in their marketplace.

With the introduction of new "design spaces" (aka workspace for UI design) in MockFlow, collaborating on creative assets has become one of the key features.

This plugin simplifies the workflow of adding design files to MockFlow by allowing designers to directly send their source and exported formats of their Photoshop files to the target space.

To upload, use the plugin to signin-to MockFlow and select the appropriate design space (aka workspace) . After the first upload, subsequent versioning for the same file can be created by the designer.

Uses :

  • Sharing - File is auto shared with members of the design space
  • Context: Keep all important assets of your product design in one place
  • Deliverable: Both source and exported files are stored for easy handoff
  • Approval: Review designs and set approval status
  • Versioning: Create major version points of your Photoshop file
  • Comparison: Compare files with side-by-side, reveal and overlay modes.
  • Feedback: Inline commenting of files [coming soon]


Design in Photoshop, collaborate in MockFlow

Install plugin from Adobe marketplace