MockFlow updates
MockFlow updates

New! Safeguard .wire design files with password protection


Safeguarding your UI blueprints is essential whether the data is online or offline. At MockFlow, we always ensure security is given top-most priority for protecting confidential UI design data using enterprise standard features like SSL, SSO, private by default permissions. For more information checkout our security procedures. While these are for cloud files, security is equally important when creating and sharing offline design files in .wire format used by our application.

The latest MockFlow Desktop app for Windows and Mac has a new feature that lets users protect .wire design files with a password. Password-protected .wire files are encrypted with AES-256 bit algorithm that is virtually unbreakable by a hacker unless they know the private key.

Now easily share your .wire files through any communication channel like email, chat or file sharing services with peace of mind. As long the .wire file is encrypted, nobody can open the file without the password.

This feature is available only for TeamPack yearly and Enterprise plans starting today. Note: Only the latest desktop app versions can open encrypted files. Upgrade now.