New! Trash bin: Prevent accidental deletes and recover lost data


Accidentally deleted data is a pain to recover and sometimes it is lost forever. To mitigate this, MockFlow already provides secure-delete function which will ask for the project owner's account password before deleting a project.

In addition to this, we are now introducing "Trash bin" for all MockFlow apps and also a trash can for pages inside WireframePro projects. Just like the recycle-bin (or Trash) in your computer's operating system, all deleted projects will now first go to the Trash-bin. From here the user can either permanently delete it or recover the deleted data within a click.

Trash bin for MockFlow apps

  • Deleted projects go to bin
  • Projects in trash are automatically deleted after 30 days
  • Projects in trash can be also individually deleted
  • Projects in trash can be restored before the grace period

Trash bin for pages in Mockflow WireframePro

  • Deleted pages are moved to trash
  • Pages in trash can be previewed without restoring
  • Pages in trash can be individually deleted
  • Pages in trash can be restored with all data

Trash feature is now available in all MockFlow web apps and also in WireframePro desktop apps.