New component: Advanced data grid


Datagrid components are widely used in wireframing UI for business apps and sites. They help to quickly draw tables, fill data and imitate the real implementation.

In addition to the existing basic datagrid component, we are releasing a new advanced version of this today. The basic datagrid component will continue to exist as it is easy to enter data with its comma separated syntax. However it misses on certain core features that required a new component.

Advanced datagrid component is all about customization and visual editing. It brings the following features:

  • Graphical editing of columns and rows
  • Support for multi-line text
  • Support for icons
  • Click-to-edit cell feature
  • Easily resize rows or columns
  • Style individual rows, columns or cells
  • Cell based linking

Try out this new component in WireframePro editor. It is available as part of Web and Common UI packs.