MockFlow updates
MockFlow updates

New feature: Saved components for projects


Managing a large wireframe project in MockFlow is now more easier with 'Saved components'. This feature helps designers to save 'reused' components and design elements as part of the project itself.

For example: Imagine a designer creating a wireframe project for a large e-commerce website that will run into multiple pages and screens. The designer can make - product item UI, ratings, ad blocks as part of 'saved components' and reuse these elements whereever required in the project by a simple drag-n-drop.

Not only that, the designer can create themed components specific to that project like blue button, rounded drop-down and icons to visually describe that project's design system.

'Saved components' are tied to a project, so if the project is duplicated, shared or send a copy to another user, the components go along with the project.

Also it can be simply cloned as a custom UI pack, if the components need to be reused across multiple wireframe projects.

This feature is now released and available for both Web and Desktop apps.

In your wirefame project, just select any design element(s) and right-click to add it as a saved component.