MockFlow updates
MockFlow updates

New Power-up: Create websites collaboratively for your wireframes

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We are happy to release a new Power-up for WireframePro - a collaborative website builder. After brainstorming and visualizing your UI ideas rapidly with MockFlow, it is now possible to implement them for real using this Power-up.

It is a highly flexible code-based visual builder with a rich feature set and, most importantly, made for teams.

Use website powerup to:

  • Create static websites from scratch
  • Modify websites easily with visual editor
  • Upload and manage website assets
  • Publish and link websites to custom domain
  • Download entire website as a zip file
  • Create backups of entire site
  • Each file has its own revision history
  • Real-time editing of files
  • Live preview of code changes
  • HTML includes for re-using parts
  • Auto gzip and minification

Make your ideas real with Website Powerup