MockFlow updates
MockFlow updates

New Power-up: Translate your wireframes to over 60 languages instantly

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Localizing your UI at the wireframe stage is very important for various factors. Each language has a different string length and it can mess up interfaces and text layouts with fixed dimensions. The design might also need an update based on the language it serves as when switching from LTR to RTL.

It is essential to determine all these factors at the planning stage especially when your website or application will be multi-lingual.

Here is where the new "Translator" power-up comes handy. Using the 'Translator' power-up, you can localize a particular set of components in the mockup or the entire page with just a click. Thanks to Microsoft Cognitive Services, the power-up automatically detects the source text's language and translates to the target language. It also auto-saves the project's target language, so you don't have to select it whenever translating.

For more information and installing the 'Translator' for your WireframePro editor, Click here.