20 Feb 2023

New Powerup: Replace your wireframe placeholders with real pics using AI

New Powerup: Replace your wireframe placeholders with real pics using AI

When kickstarting UI design for your software or website, wireframe is the first stage of the process. Wireframes has to be done really quick and should be open to iterations. But it is also important for the creator to make an impact at the wireframe stage itself inorder to take it forward. But filling your wireframes with dummy text or image placeholders isn't going to create great opinions of your design.

Here comes our new powerup "AI Image", it leverages artificial intelligence to quickly create an image using just text. All you need to do is just describe what you want in a few words and the AI image powerup delivers a picture that is closer to your imagination. And voila simply replace your placeholders in wireframe.

Simply say "Laptop on a table with window in background" and click generate image. As easy as it gets.

In the end, deliver a wireframe that is closer to the real UI design without spending time searching for images around the web or creating from scratch.

AI Image powerup is strategically placed at a number of places inside the wireframe editor like in image component's settings panel and option to add image in image manager.

AI image along with AI text powerup makes wireframing in MockFlow fun, fast and exciting.

Note: There are AI credit limits for both powerups, for more details visit pricing page.

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