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MockFlow updates

Now localize your UI with i18n internationalization powerup


Designing UI based on text content is important especially when the app or website is going to target users across the globe with localization. String lengths varies from one language to another, therefore localization should be part of the wireframe stage itself to design UI layouts that accomdates different locales.

We are excited to introduce "UI Internationalization" Powerup to MockFlow as a must-have addon to create, translate, and manage UI strings for different languages. It not only helps in the localization of UI but also provides a design perspective by previewing locale strings instantly in your UI design. This will allow translators to work closely with UI designers to decide on the best text for that language that suits the UI layout.

The i18n powerup is designed for managing multiple languages at once with its simple yet powerful interface. After localization, i18n resource bundles can be generated in json format which is supported in multiple UI application frameworks.

Some of its features include:

  • Auto sync UI strings from your wireframes including HTML text
  • Create custom strings that are not in wireframe
  • Preview language in wireframe instantly
  • Uses Microsoft Bing Translate API to optionally assist in translating strings
  • Customize i18 resource bundle generation to selected languages
  • Universal search for looking up strings