MockFlow updates
MockFlow updates

Power-up Shortcuts - Now access related powerups at the right places






Power-ups are mini-apps that are installed within the MockFlow editor for more features. To start with, this process is not straight-forward as user has to navigate to the MockStore from the editor and then find and install Power-ups before accessing them.

This new release simplifies the above process and makes power-ups more visible and easily accessible right where you need them. With shortcuts no installation is required and it make Power-ups feel as a natural extension of the related functionality. It enhances common operations in the editor like upload, export with additional options, thanks to Power-up shortcuts.

As of now, Powerup Shortcuts are available in the following areas:


  • Upload images:

    • Stock Photography
    • Web image search
    • Google Drive Import
    • Dropbox import
  • Text settings panel:

    • Spell checker
    • Text Translation
    • Dummy data import
  • Specs module:

    • Design Tokens
  • Export Options:

    • Mockup Generator
    • Export annotation
    • Heatmaps

More such Power-ups will be actively integrated within the editor's UI in a non-obtrusive way.

Note: Power-ups are available only for yearly subscriptions.