Revision history 2.0: Timeline view, compare changes, now in Offline mode

Visualize revisions like Git.jpg

The title of this post summarises today's release of MockFlow web and desktop apps which brings major updates to Revision history. One of the benefits of having a digital whiteboard is to track changes and save versions.

While MockFlow had revision history function right from its first release, this update pushes this feature to the next level. Let us see how:

New UI: Visualize revisions like Git

Previously revision history was listed in plain data grid style in a dialog box. While it served its purpose, it lacked the flair and perception of a graphical timeline.

Now we have redesigned Revision History UI from scratch deeply inspired from git, the popular version control system. In this visualisation, it is easy to track change log by user or time and also make out manually checked-in revisions from auto-revisions.

Find diff: Compare revisions

Compare revisions Final.jpg

Now revisions can be graphically compared with one another to easily highlight the design changes between revisions. When a revision is previewed, a new compare button helps to find its differences with any other revision including the master version.

Offline revisions: Revision history inside .wire files

Unlike many other tools, Revision history need not be a feature only for cloud based software. Tracking changes is an essential feature irrespective where the data resides. Therefore we now bring offline revision history built right within your MockFlow file format - .wire files.

Just like the online app, all its functions - auto revisions, manual check-in revisions, save, restore, preview, compare revisions are available for .wire files in desktop app. And it is all saved within the .wire file even without network connection. So sharing the .wire file (just like any other file), will also include its built-in revision history. Imagine sharing an image to a designer that will include its entire change log within the same file.

Offline revisions.jpg

Bonus: Trash can for pages in Offline mode

Here is a bonus feature for desktop app users with Offline mode. Just like revision history, trash feature for pages is now available for .wire files. Say goodbye to accidental deletes even in Offline mode.