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MockFlow updates

Secure your wireframe project links with pass key




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We understand the importance of sharing UI ideas with an URL. Since it is easy to share, viewers need not signup and best of all it can be hyperlinked inside documents. Which is why the "create project link" in MockFlow dialog box offers many options for a better viewing experience like allowing export access, anonymous comments, default project view mode. Also the user can enter a custom URL for the project.

Today's update provides an additional option that lets project owners and admins to secure their project link with a pass key.

How it works

  • While creating or editing a project link. There is now an option called "Protect with key". On enabling it, you can type-in a pass key for that link.

  • Now after saving, whenever the project link is opened, it will ask for the pass key for viewing the project. Incorrect pass key will throw permission denied error.

  • Pass key can be changed any number of times for the same project link.

  • There are no conditions for the pass key. So the user can secure with an easy or strong key based on their security preference.

Screenshot 2021-11-23 at 4.51.29 PM.png

Although it may not be as secure as adding members to the project. The "Protect URL with key" feature is a very useful option just like encrypted PDFs giving a security wall for your public facing UI idea. Also we are sure clients will appreciate it as they need not have a MockFlow account to access the project.

So share your UI idea URLs in email, chat, forum, freelancing website with pass key protection. Incase you feel the pass key is compromised, it can be changed all in the cloud with affecting the original URL.

Note: Passkey protection of project links is a paid only feature which is not available for the free Basic plan. Upgrade to access.



Psst.. the key is: keytest21

Tip: Not a good practice to share the key along with the URL. It is best to share them in separate messages or different mediums.