MockFlow updates
MockFlow updates

Turn UI designs to product mockups with Frames Powerup





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Created a high-fidelity UI design for your product with MockFlow ? Now preview your UI inside different "frames" and export as image.

We are happy to release a new Powerup to the MockStore called "Frames". Use "Frames" to generate awesome UI mockup screenshots by placing your user interface designs in vivid backgrounds so that it feels more real. Switch and preview between different frames instantly to find what matches your UI design and purpose.

Use Frames to

  • Pitch your new UI design with a better background
  • Generate mockup screenshots of your upcoming UI
  • Use your framed UI in brochures, blog, slideshows

This initial release already comes with over 30 beautiful backrounds in over 5 categories like iMac, laptops, iPhone, Android and Apple Watch. More frames and categories are coming soon.

For more information, check here.